Dance courses for dancers and instructors.

Our courses are designed for dancers and dance instructors of all skill levels.  Whether you’re starting from square one with the fundamentals, or a seasoned veteran seeking to enhance and polish your skills, we have a course crafted for you. We’re here to help you progress—so you can become the dancer you want to be.


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• Detailed course descriptions make it easy to select the right courses for you.

• Skills are broken down step-by-step to ensure each technique is understood, with cues to practice each exercise until properly executed.

• Views from all vantage points (including a slow-motion option when necessary) ensure you don’t miss a moment of instruction.

• Each course builds on the previous one, like skill stops on a roadmap. So you can advance your skills at your own pace.

• Once purchased, courses are yours to keep. Revisit them in your video library as often as needed to refresh your skills.

• Each course comes with a course guide for you to follow along with each lesson and track your progress.

• Best of all, each comprehensive course is a fraction of what you would pay for private lessons. Because we believe quality dance instruction should be available to everyone!


• Legs + Extensions

• Partnering

• Conditioning

• And Much More!