Our full courses provide in-depth guidance to build a stronger foundation. Course skills are broken down step-by-step, with expert training on proper body placement, muscle engagement and technique. The move is then demonstrated in center and across-the floor-combos, plus tips and tricks to take you to the next level.

Our courses are designed to build on existing dance training.  Knowledge of correct body positions and placement is important.  If you have limited dance experience, our Level 1 courses are for you!

Courses are recommended for dancers at least 6 years old and up. Our courses are designed to allow each individual, no matter their age or experience level, to learn at his/her own pace.  Just starting out? Start with level 1. Need more time to practice a certain skill? Take it! The beauty of our program is that you’re in charge of your progress. Please keep in mind results may vary and is dependent on the dancer.

Review the course descriptions to learn which genre and skills are covered. This will help you determine which level is right for you.

Course lengths vary, depending on the level of instruction and demonstration needed. See course description for details.

Dance Labs is designed for dancers at any level to break down and refine skills, ensuring proper execution. Our courses provide an economical path to supplement limited studio instruction, while empowering you to progress at your own pace.

We know furthering your education as a dance teacher can be time-consuming and expensive. But we’ve got your back! Our courses are an excellent tool for learning how to break difficult skills into bite-sized pieces. So you can continue to build your skillset as a teacher, teach your students new moves, and stay relevant in the dance world.

Yes, we have an app for our dance courses. You can download the app from the Apple or Google Play app stores. To access your courses, login with your Dance Labs credentials.