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Achieve Flat Splits And Beautiful Lines With The All Splits Now Flexibility Course

In this course you’ll learn effective, up-to-date stretches and techniques to accomplish an open hip split, closed hip split and middle split with ease. It’s important to understand that the splits are not the prerequisite for your splits! Meaning—sitting in the splits will NOT improve them in the safest or most effective way, but the right stretches will.

This course is designed to provide the proper stretches to help dancers successfully move into their splits without unnecessary strain or risk of injury. So, if you’re ready to improve your open hip, closed hip and middle splits, and safely maximize flexibility and joint range of motion, while creating healthy and sustainable stretch habits, then this course is for you.

This course can also help you improve: arabesques, attitude derriere, penches, turnout, leg extensions, tilts, grande battements, grande jetes, Firebird leaps, and much more!


• Full video access to our age appropriate warm-up sequences

• Full video access to our signature:

• Open and closed hip split stretch sequences

• Inner hip and middle split stretch sequences

• Access to 28 step-by-step instructional stretch videos

• A weekly stretch schedule for easy implementation

• A FREE set of mUv Bands with purchase of this course

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Instructor: Christine Jones, Creator of mUvmethod
Requirements: Set of mUvBands (Included with Purchase of the Course)
Price: $47.00

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About mUvmethod

mUvmethod is a conditioning program for dancers that specializes in weekly stretching made safe, easy and effective.

mUvmethod has a variety of at-home and in-studio guided stretch programs, for dancers ages 5 and up. Our programs address both the physical and mental side of dance conditioning. They are designed to stretch dancers beyond their limitations to reach their full potential, meeting the technical side of dance with ease and efficiency.