Sharpen your skills with our Military Technique Course to give your team a competitive edge this season.

What is Military?

Military for many drill/dance teams is one of the main routines competed at Region, State, and other qualifying competitions. Highly regimented, this style of dance focuses on sharp movements, specific arm angles, symmetrical marching styles, and a lot of creative formation changes. The technique is precise and exact, requiring dedication to perfect and achieve team unity.

In other words, Military can be challenging and involves serious attention to detail.

Designed for Drill/Dance Team Coaches and Team Members

We have designed this course for drill/dance team coaches and team members to help master every element of “Military Technique” with confidence and expertise. Our lessons—taught in bit-sized segments—build upon each other teaching every detail of Military Technique in proper order and with exactness and precision.

This on-demand training allows you to practice, whenever, wherever, and go at your own pace. It is a one-time purchase, and it never expires so you can revisit the lessons again and again.

This on-demand course includes expert instruction on:

• Basic Military Body Placement + Muscle Engagement

• Basic Military Arm Angles

• A Beginners Guide to a Drill Down

     -Part 1 – Basic Commands

     -Part 2 – By the Numbers

     -Part 3 – Tips + Tricks

• Various Marching Styles

• Military Stalls (Levels 1 – 3)

• Military Combo Practice (Levels 1 – 3)

• Tips + Secrets for Military Technique

Upon completion, you’ll have confidence to properly execute Military Technique, but the techniques you’ll master will help to enhance your precision in other styles of dance as well. Just wait—military-style dance may seem intimidating and demanding, but you’ll soon discover how invigorating, energetic and fun it can be!

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